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(Written in Draco's point of view- talking about Hermione)

, I mutter I under my breath, just loud enough for her to hear me. I wink at her, with a bit of a smirk. She glares, rolls her eyes, and walks away determinedly.
Oh yeah. She so wants me.
I smile when I get a good view of her backside. She's just so beautiful, in every way- I can't help but tease her a little. It's a good thing we both know how to act well, for my father would never approve of me seeing a Muggle-born. But that doesn't matter, because this, my father will not hear about this. Every other night we meet up by the lake. It's really romantic there, you see. We talk, kiss, and well, I'm sure you can imagine perfectly well what else we do. It's amazing, the glimmer in her eyes brought upon by the moonlight, the way she bites her lip, her curls falling messily along her shoulders. It all just makes me love her so much more. Hermione. Even her name is gorgeous. I've fallen for her so hard, I can only hope I'll never have to get back up. It all started a year ago, I had found her crying in the library late one night, all alone.
When she saw me come in, she shouted at me, told me to leave her alone. But I didn't listen, instead I sat down beside her, and let her confide in me once she had calmed down. She was so shocked, shocked that I could be nice, sweet, caring. She hugged me, thanked me. I returned the favour. And from then on, our hearts have been inseparable. She sees a side of me that nobody else gets to see. It's our little secret. Mine, and my sweet Hermione. For she is truly, the only one I love.}

~Nearly Headless Nick
Just an crappy Headcannon I had written for somebody on my page.
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December 8, 2012
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